Monday, March 15, 2010

Work sucks, I know

Going back to work on Thursday will require our family to be uber-organized. Here's my anticipated schedule:

6am - wake up and get ready for work
7am - wake baby up and feed him
7:35am - leave house
7:45am - drop baby off at daycare
8am - work*
10am - pump
10:20am - work. eat quick lunch at my desk
1pm - go to daycare to visit and feed baby
2pm - work
4pm - pump
4:20pm - work
5:30pm - leave work, get baby, drive home
6pm - feed baby
6:30pm - playtime, cook and eat dinner
7:45pm - give baby bath
8pm - feed baby
8:30pm - baby to bed
8:35pm - study for CPA exam
9:30pm - wash dishes, organize for tomorrow morning, get ready for bed
10pm - lights out
+ an additional feeding during the night, TBD by baby (hopefully only one please)

*"Work" includes time spent thinking about Barrett, looking at pictures of Barrett and talking about Barrett. And oh yeah, probably some actual work too.

You'll notice the following items NOT included on our daily schedule due to time constraints:
-grocery shopping/cleaning/laundry/errands (will have to occur on the weekends)
-gym (so much for fitting back into my clothes anytime soon)
-talking to family and friends (this will have to happen on car ride home from work, if at all - sorry!)
-naptime (unless I can find a way to sleep with my eyes open at work, naptime will also have to go the way of my size 4 pants - that is, just a memory)

I'm exhausted just looking at this schedule! Once my exam is over in mid-April, that will clear up an extra hour a night, hopefully, so that I can actually have some time to relax. And once Barrett starts sleeping through the night and I can get that extra 1.5hrs of sleep that I lose now, it'll help immensely in making me not feel like I'm going to lose my mind each day. Unfortunately, I expect work to become incredibly hectic this summer so it's not going to be exactly a breeze anytime in the near future.

Please pray for us that we can get through this! I don't know how families do it with two parents working full-time, I totally have a new respect for all those full-time working mothers out there. I am really hoping for new opportunities to arise for us that would make our situation a little easier.

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