Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleep deprivation torture

Some people look at their babies and predict they'll be doctors, or teachers or ballerinas. Last night I looked down at my son around 5:30am and realized what his calling is going to be in life - a professional military torturer. And oh yeah, he's getting his start on physical and psychological torture on me. His weapon of choice - sleep deprivation.

So yesterday was a tough day with him. He refused to nap and was He took a quick 45 minute nap early afternoon and that was pretty much it until bedtime. Looking back, I realize he was spending this time plotting his attack.

8pm rolls around and he keeps falling asleep every time I try to feed him. Finally we put him to bed.

10pm - normally I "top him off" with one last feeding before I go to bed. He refuses to wake up. So we put him back to bed and cross our fingers for the night ahead. And the fun begins...

1:20am - "waah!" Barrett is awake so I stumble into his room to feed him
1:21am - he begins to eat
1:24am - and he falls asleep
1:25:01 - I tickle the back of his neck and he wakes up and resumes eating
1:25:04 - and he falls asleep
this pattern continues for the next 10 minutes or so. I try everything - tickling his neck, opening his sleeper to tickle his legs and feet, bringing him up to my shoulder, jostling him - the boy refuses to wake up and eat.
1:35am - I change his diaper. He wakes up and cries. He wanted to let me know how much it sucks to be woken up in the middle of the night when you're fast asleep. Believe it or not, I was already aware of this fact.
1:37am - diaper change over, resume feeding
1:38am - and he falls asleep

Finally I go back to bed around 2am and manage to fall asleep maybe around 2:40am.

5:10am - "waah!" Barrett is awake again.
5:11am - he begins eating
5:13am - and he falls asleep
Repeat above again.
5:53am - I go back to bed and finally fall asleep around 6:15am.

7:57am - "waah!"

Needless to say, Momma is extremely tired today! This sleep deprivation torture is not much fun, but Barrett is extremely good at it, thanks to all his practice the last few days!


  1. Those are the nights when you just don't look at the clock b/c I swear it made things worse. Was that last "waah!" you or Barrett? :)

  2. haha, it was him. But don't worry, he let me have an entire 15 minutes this afternoon to nap. Gee, Barrett, thanks so much!

  3. Bless you! I vividly remember those days. Hang in there! It doesn't last forever!