Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 HOURS???

I woke up suddenly last night to the sound of...nothing. HUH?? I checked the clock. 4:40. I think back, did I get up during the night to feed him? Nope. Check the clock again. Really, 4:40?? Now panic sets in. The last time I awoke without the crying of a baby, a phone ringing, an alarm clock, dog jumping on me or husband getting up was, hmm, let's see, oh probably December 19, 4 months ago. I try to reassure myself that everything is okay, he's just sleeping longer tonight but paranoia gets the better of me and I tiptoe to his room, open the door quietly and see my sweet little boy, breathing deeply and fast asleep. I tiptoe back to my bed and fall asleep for another hour, until I wake to his cries at 5:45. He slept 10 hours!! I fed him and he went back to sleep for another hour so I could get ready for work. It was pure bliss for me.

Oh and when I put him in his carseat this morning, I swear, the child looks like he grew 2 inches and a pound overnight. Maybe that explains the sleep.


  1. I remember those exact feelings! I was recording each feeding in a log book and was sure I forgot to write the middle of the night feeding down. Hopefully he keeps up the good sleeping!

  2. Yay! That is awesome! Did you feel super rested today? I hope he does it again tonight.