Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things Loved Thursday

Things I love this week:

1. Tulips - what a wonderful sight after all the cold and gray of winter to see these beautiful and colorful flowers poking through the earth every spring!

2. My little boy's potbelly stomach. He loves getting kisses and raspberries on it almost as much as I love giving them. Oh how he smiles!

3. Entourage - we've been watching this on netflix for the last month or two and are now all caught up. So crass yet so funny! Ari cracks me up. Of course, after watching it, Tim swears like a truck driver, so maybe it's better we're at the end of the available episodes.

4. Baby tylenol - Barrett got his 4 month shots on Monday and was the saddest little thing for about 48 hrs. We're talking fever, bright red cheeks, crankiness, crying, the works. My poor little boy!

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