Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

Happy Easter, He is risen!

We had our first overnight trip, down to Tim's parents, for Easter weekend. It was a little bit exhausting, since I didn't sleep so well with Barrett in our room and had to get up early to get out the door in time (somehow we still ended up late and sitting in the back row! That's what happens when you combine a very crowded house and a hungry baby - mom ends up with a cold shower and late to church) but it was great to see the in-laws and celebrate Easter. Barrett got his first Easter basket but wasn't much of a participant in the search for the hidden eggs. But it was cute thinking of him toddling around, looking for them next year!

And is there anything cuter than a little blue-eyed boy in blue seersucker??

Slightly sunny - I think the entire family could have used sunglasses

Cousins, together for the first time

During Easter lunch, Alexa wandered away from the table. Where do we find her? Singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Barrett. We had told her earlier in the day that he loved being sung to so she decided to sing her favorite song to him. And he had woken up and was watching her while she sang. Talk about heartmelting! So sweet...

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