Friday, April 23, 2010

Barrett - Four months old

Dear Barrett -

Blessed. That is how I feel every day that I'm your mother. I cannot imagine my life without you. You have become such a wonderful part of our family and we are so lucky to be your parents. This month you seemed to erupt from a tiny helpless baby to a little boy. I can see the changes so dramatically and it makes me want to hold you close and keep you from growing too fast! On one hand I can't wait to see the little boy you'll become, to hear your thoughts and see you explore but on the other hand, this time is going so fast and I just want to slow it down!

You have changed so dramatically in the last few weeks. You're completely aware of everything now and will crane your head to look at us when you hear our voices. You grab at your toys, LOVE to talk and babble and, after much tummy time reluctance, rolled over on your 4 month birthday! You love to sit up and stand, with our help, and I know you're anxious for the day that you can do that alone. You usually wake up babbling and smile when I walk into your room to pick you up, which gives me such a wonderful feeling!

Each day I think my heart is going to explode with happiness and love for you and then, to my surprise, I love you even more the next day. How do I even have room in my body for my heart anymore? Being your mommy is the best job in the world!




  1. Such a cutie! Liam wore this same outfit at 10 weeks, adorable! Our babies are lucky to have mothers with such good taste! Enjoy your snuggle bug, he is growing up so fast.

  2. You are so in love with Barrett and it's so fun to read :) He's such a cutie. I'm thinking you should have started a blog when you first met Tim and talked about how you loved him so much more every day =)