Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Garden

This summer I decided to start back up my garden. I was really into it two years ago but last year, with a 5 month old when planting season started, I just couldn't take it on. Not that I have any more free time this year! But I'm trying to eat a lot healthier too and save money, so a garden is a great way to accomplish both goals.

Tim built me some garden boxes a few years ago. There are two approximately 10' x 3' and a smaller one, maybe half the size of the other that I use for herbs.

Basil and cilantro
I sowed all plants from seed directly in the garden except the tomato plants, so I had to wait until late May to get started and they're just now bearing veggies. Last time, I sowed all the seeds inside, but that was just way too much work to try. And could you imagine me trying to set up boxes of seeds in our kitchen with a crazy 18 month old running around? That would be a disaster waiting to happen!

beautiful basilI planted basil, dill, cilantro, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, lettuce and green onions. They all turned out really well! I'm no pro here; there's definitely some grass growing up between the plants that I haven't gotten around to pulling and the plants aren't perfect, but they look great to me.

front: lettuce, green onions, zucchini
back: squash, tomatoes

a little baby zucchini. so cute!

In the past few years, August has always been my busiest month at work, which is exactly when everything is ready and ripe, so it's been hard to use everything. But this August shouldn't be as bad. I just need to make a point to use everything that's growing. So far I've already made a few things with the cilantro and basil and we ate the first of the tomatoes tonight. So juicy and delicious!

The herbs especially are going crazy. With all the hot weather we had the last few weeks, they are really thriving. Any favorite recommendations for the herbs? I have made a few kinds of pesto (regular, basil/spinach pesto and cilantro pesto), and we've been eating caprese salads regularly (YUM) and need to make more because the basil is out of control right now.

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