Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have had my share of hair angst. I fight the wave, the thickness and the cowlick at my hairline. When everyone was sporting the Brenda Walsh thick, straight bangs circa 1992, my attempts weren't quite as successful. Mine resulted in thick, slanted bangs. Because of the cowlick at my hairline, the left side touched my eyebrows while the right lingered up about 1" above them. Not a good look, especially combined with the glasses and braces. Let's just say 7th grade wasn't my best-looking year.

However, I don't know if I've ever seen a cowlick quite like Barrett's. They are definitely unique. Yes, there's two of them. They swirl away from each other, resulting in a little "tail" that comes down from between them and then one that sticks up where the swirls meet.

If he was a girl, we'd probably never have to give this a second thought, since long hair would cover them. But since he's a boy, I see a lifetime of struggle with this funny little thing! Check them out for yourself:

see the swirls and the little tail between them?

Close-up of the hair sticking up. It's kind of hard to see, I know

And then in this one, you can see how it sticks up in the back. Too funny!

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  1. That last picture cracks me up! Gotta love those cowlicks! Grant has some pretty crazy ones, but I think his cousin wins the prize! :)