Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barrett - Eight months old

Dear Barrett -

I think I need to do a calendar check because there is no way that you are 2/3 of a year old already. I look at you, sitting up so confidently, playing with toys, aware of everything around you, and I can see the little boy you're becoming. I love it, but I want to slow time down, to keep you my little baby for just a little bit longer.

You are so full of curiosity. Your hands are constantly out, grabbing at everything: my coupons at the grocery store, racks of clothes as we walk through aisles at the mall, and the remote control (come on now, don't you know that's Mommy's toy?). So grabby! But I know you just want to know what everything is. You know no fear either, so we have to keep a close eye on you. While you used to want to linger on my lap in your milk-drunk stupor following a meal, now oftentimes you turn and try to roll right off, as if "okay, I've been still long enough, now it's time to get back to exploring!"

Your little personality continues to develop but has stayed consistent since you were in my belly. You are generally such a calm and happy little guy. I watch you through the window at daycare and see the other little girl your age come up and take the toy right from your hands and you just sit there so calmly and let her and watch her play. You are so mellow, kiddo. You do let us know when you need some attention and once I pick you up, you settle down and are just happy to be in my arms. You have your moments of impatience (I can't imagine where you got that from!), but you are easy to soothe. You are really starting to imitate things we do - you shake your head no, bang your hands on the ground, and just this week, waved goodbye to me. Aww!

You are literally days away from crawling and I'm so excited for this new milestone. I am not excited for babyproofing our completely un-baby friendly house, but I can't wait to watch you learn this new trick and scootch your little self around. I was so excited for your rolling but now am rethinking this trick - you refuse to stay on your back now, which makes diaper and clothing changes so challenging these days!

Two little teeth are peeking out the top of your mouth and it always takes me aback when I see them. It'll take some getting used to, just like your bottom ones did. Right now you're still eating purees and I am going to start giving you some things to try to munch on your own in the next few weeks. Your new favorite food is peaches from the fruit tree out back. They have made everything else undesirable by comparison. You have learned the truth - why eat peas or broccoli when you can have sweet peaches or apples? I think my little picky boy has inherited mommy's sweet tooth.

I know this next month is going to be so exciting, as you learn to crawl and get your little independent self around. I'm excited for it!


Attempting to crawl right off the chair. Our own little Evil Knievel

Monkey jammies in the morning

Not hiding his feelings on broccoli

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  1. Oh so cute! What a little boy! Isn't crazy how fast time flies?