Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barrett - Seven months old

Dear Barrett

Happy 7 month birthday! Unfortunately I'm writing this a few weeks late because time is getting away from me these days. Every spare minute I have, I would rather spend with you, instead of in front of a computer. You are growing at such a fast pace and each month you seem to learn more and more skills.

You are a master sitter now. I know you'd like to figure out how to pull yourself up to a sit by yourself, but you aren't quite there yet. Your newest thing is to hold your arms when we come to pick you up, it's so cute!

You had a crazy growth spurt right around 7 months. One day you fit perfectly into your 6 month clothing and the next day, it was all way too short. It was pretty much overnight. I look down at your body and am always surprised to see the belly rolls, the fat little thighs and the long baby body. No more tiny little newborn with skinny chicken legs! I love to kiss and tickle your belly . But my favorite place to kiss these days - your chubby thighs. You laugh and squeal when I kiss your thighs, which makes me laugh, which makes you laugh even harder.

You are starting to get a little stranger anxiety I think. You get pretty quiet in large crowds and although you still give lots of smiles when strangers smile at you, you aren't as smiley or at ease as you used to be.

I still visit you at lunchtime to nurse and I love the time away from the office to spend with you in the middle of the day. I get happy to get the call from the daycare to tell me you're ready to eat. I sing and talk to you and you just gaze up at me while you eat. Lately you've been falling asleep while you lay there and I am so happy how restful and comfortable you are with me in that room, in that chair. It's so hard to lift you up and take you back to your classroom.

I think you may be the most-loved baby in this world, we are absolutely head over heels in love with you, my dear baby!


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