Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of Summer Fun

I guess it's time to accept that summer has come to an end and I need to accept it and finally post about our Labor Day weekend.  Sadly, all good things come to an end but we have a lot to look forward to this fall, so there's lots of exciting things ahead! 

My parents came up for the long weekend and we had a great time.  We spent a lot of time at the neighborhood park, ate at our recent favorite New Orleans-style Cajun restaurant (Yum to gumbo and coconut shrimp!), and hit the local big Labor Day festival.

the "men" at the park

 Papa and his playmate
Mimi, Papa, and Barrett
Barrett at the petting zoo with what was his favorite animal, the ducks.   Now, elephants have replaced ducks as B's favorite.  he's fickle

A special little-kids bouncy house.  Boy, did he love it.  We practically had to drag him out of here, he was in here forever!
I want to pinch that dimple off his cheek and carry it around with me all day in my pocket, I love it so much 
 Musical instruments - there were dozens of all kinds of different instruments for the kids to try out
 All the bubbles a little boy could hope for. It was like a dream come true for our little bubble lover.
 Pure joy

Speaking as a totally biased parent, but isn't this the cutest baby boy ever created?  I just love him so much

We were sad to see my parents go, as usual, and wish they weren't so far away.  I think the next time we see them will be the imminent arrival of baby #2, which is crazy to think about. 

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