Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy birthday, Payton!

So today is Payton's 4th birthday. In doggie years, that means he's the equivalent of 28 I think. Quickly approaching middle age and definitely showing it and then some, with his non-stop napping and white hair. He still has some puppy left in him though.

Pupper at 3 weeks

Pupper at 8 weeks

We are mildly obsessed with our dog. He's gotten the shaft a little bit since his baby brother was born, but we still know he's the oldest child in the family.

Payton has a zillion nicknames - Pay, Paytie-poo, Paytie-poo-poo-poo, Pupper, Pupperdog, Puppernut, Pupperoo, Puppernizel fo shizel, Peanut, Peanutter, Nutterbutt, Pean, Peaner, Peaner weiner, Peaner weiner the pumpkin peener, Pay-Pay, Pay-Pay le Poo (a french variation), Pean-doggle-dean, Pean-doggle-dean-the-crazy-machine, Captain Furry Sword, and Cowboy Cavalier.

He wasn't always the easy dog that he is now. Training him required me in my pajamas, boots and coat in the backyard with him in January at 6am every morning, standing in the snow so he could pee. He has destroyed a lot of things over the last 4 years, especially as a puppy. A brand new Kenneth Cole high heel, a few strings of Christmas lights, a plate, about 300 dog toys, a retractable leash, and a pair of lace underwear (don't ask). He has been rushed to the vet for eating dark chocolate, eating a tea bag, a cornea scratch, and developing an anal infection (the incident thereafter known as BungHole Part Deux). But he was trained pretty easily and knows lots of tricks and is a little smartie-pants...usually...

Payton has a lot of holiday spirit throughout the year.

Rocking New Year's Eve
Top of the mornin' on St Patty's Day
Pumpkin Pay on Halloween
Thanksgiving - our little turkeyHe wasn't so sure about the new addition to our family. I think he knew something was up when I was pregnant. He was especially affectionate with me. Towards the end of my pregnancy, he got very quiet and lethargic, almost depressed.

eyeing the new intruder
and deciding if he's a playmate or a snack?
isn't life demoralizing sometimes?
Sometimes he looks at me like "what in the world were you thinking bringing this kid home?" But he's the first one under the highchair when dinnertime is over so no sympathy from me. Even though sometimes his proximity means the food hits him, rather than the floor.

He is a much loved dog and has brought so much happiness and laughter into our home. I can't imagine our house without this little furball in it! We love our little Paytie-poo!

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