Friday, September 16, 2011

Pregnancy - 31 weeks

Baby is measuring over 16" long and weighs about 3.3lbs.  Her arms, legs and body are starting to plump up with added fat and baby is heading into a growth spurt.  Huh, another growth spurt?  I mean, I'm glad she's getting bigger, but holy cow, am I going to be huge in 9 weeks!

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: no change from last week.  no comment on overall weight gain. No just kidding, it's not that bad, it's right where it should be.
Maternity clothes? yes.  I still wear non-maternity t-shirts around the house at night and to bed but they have become cropped shirts.  Last time I had to start wearing the husband's t-shirts to bed and I think it may resort to that in the next few weeks, as mine become shorter and shorter.
Stretch marks? None
Sleep? oh, sleep, heavenly sleep!
Movement? off-and-on.  She's especially active at night, around 8pm, when I finally settle down on the couch and she becomes my little dancing queen. 
Food cravings? none
Gender? girl.  I cannot say how excited I am to be having a little girl.  I LOVE the little girl clothes, I love the little girl hairbows, I love the little girl pigtails, I love the little girl bloomers and tights and ruffles and all that comes with little baby girls.  I am so excited for a little girl addition to our family!!
Belly button in or out? totally flat
What I miss: the autumn beers.  I try sips of Tim's seasonal ales and wish I could drink a bottle, they are so good! 
What I'm looking forward to: I have an ultrasound on Monday and am excited to see baby again.
Milestones: n/a

I forgot to mention last week that I got the results of my gestational diabetes bloodwork back and it was normal.  Thank goodness!  The only thing abnormal was that I have low iron, so need to start taking supplements.  I guess I can attribute my fatigue to more than just being a full-time pregnant working mom with a toddler.

I have an ultrasound on Monday and am excited to see little baby girl again.  It's not normal to get another ultrasound at this point, but because of my low-lying placenta the doctors viewed at the 20 week u/s, we need to follow up to see if the placenta has moved up.  I am not too nervous, because in almost all cases it does, but if it doesn't, that means a c-section, so there's definitely a little bit of nervousness there.  I'm trying not to think about that right now and am just hoping for the best.

<-- Love this picture of Barrett.  It was after a long day of work for me, so I can't say I'm looking my best, but he looks too stinking adorable not to share.

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