Monday, September 19, 2011

Great news!

I had my follow up ultrasound today.  At my 20 week ultrasound, they saw my placenta was low-lying and needed to make sure that it moved up so that I could have a normal labor.  We scheduled it for around 32 weeks of pregnancy, which seemed eons away at the time.  Crazy that here I am, that far along now.  So the tech confirmed that yes, the placenta moved up and out of the way, which was a big relief. 

The tech also confirmed that all the dresses and tights that I've been buying over the last few months won't go to waste and that this is, indeed, a baby girl.  Woo-hoo!

Everything looked great.  She looked healthy and big!  He estimated her to be around 4lbs, 3 oz and was measuring with a November 12 due date now.  It's funny to me that she's measuring 6 days ahead when Barrett was always a couple days behind.  But I'm not surprised - I expected her to be bigger, just by the movements I feel and the size of my belly.  Her heart was beating at a healthy 125bpm.  The tech thought she might be on course to be around 7.5-8lbs at birth, depending on her due date of course and knowing these ultrasounds are estimates and can vary a lot from the actual weights.

She was lying head-down, in great position, and curled up around the left side just like her older brother always did.  He definitely carved out a little niche in my belly I think and she just snuggled right in!  And the funniest comment of all from the ultrasound tech - it looks like she has some hair!  Isn't that crazy that they can already tell that?  I now have a picture in my head of a little chubby cheeked, round-bellied girl with lots of dark hair and pink skin.

This makes me even more excited to meet her!

 ultrasound photo of the little girl!
she's facing the front, so you can see the two eyes, nose and mouth and her little right arm, up next to her face

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