Friday, September 23, 2011

This and That

Happy Friday!

I am so glad that it's Friday!  We don't have too much planned for the weekend, Tim is gone all day Saturday so we are on our own for the day.  One thing on the schedule is naps for both of us!  I also have some Gymboree credit that expires tomorrow so I may run to the mall to see if anything catches my eye.  These children do NOT need any more clothes (maybe just pjs), but who am I to turn down store credit, right?

I had to go to the mall Wednesday night this week to return a few things and found some great sale prices at Gap Maternity.  I'm so happy that our mall got a maternity section in the Gap last year.  I have found such great prices the few times I've gone!  I hate buying more clothes this late in the pregnancy, but I have been feeling so blah lately so I was excited to have a few additional tops.  Here's what I got (trust me though, I look much larger in them than the "pregnant" women below!):

some great sleeveless blouses to wear under cardigans

 this super-soft blouse
Plus another blouse and a few simple t-shirts and tank tops for wearing around the house or for layering.  I think I counted 9 pieces I picked up.  And all for the low price of $35!  Well, really it totaled $45 but I had a $10 credit so the average price for each was under $4.  Not bad!  I guess I can justify that kind of spending with only 8 weeks left. 

Yep, 8 weeks left of this pregnancy until my due date.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything  is continuing to progress nicely.  I had a very frank discussion with the doctor about my VBAC.  I think he's the most VBAC-friendly doctor in the practice of 5 and he was a little more pessimistic than I would have liked to hear.  He basically discourages going past 40 weeks because he says he believes it decreases the success rates.  I respect that, but have to consider the history of women in my family and the fact the we have late babies.  So I'm more open to going "past due" than the doctors will probably be.  He would also like internal monitoring, which I'm opposed to, but did say no IV would be fine with him, so I liked that.  He also said if I did have a repeat c/s, that we could find a way to make it more mom/baby-friendly, like placing the baby directly on me, so that I wouldn't feel so out of the process.

The funny thing he said, when I asked about anything that he's found in his experience that can help jump-start labor is castor oil!  That is the one thing I didn't try the first go-round.  He said he can't encourage it but that his wife did it and it worked.  I am hoping I don't have to resort to that, but I'll be willing to this time!

I looked at the calendar this morning and saw that it is my little boy's 21 month birthday today!  So I'll have to add a post catching up on that. 

Happy Friday to all!

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