Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pregnancy - 37.5 weeks

From this week's email:  Baby is over 19" long and weighs about 6.5lbs at this point.  She's considered full-term.  Some babies need a little extra time to develop their lungs but she'd probably be just fine if born now.  

How far along? 37.5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: somewhere in the lower 30s.  I am still down from last pregnancy, which is one bright side.  It's funny how much weight I've put on in the last few weeks, considering how I don't feel like I eat that much at this point.  I'm sure it's the baby packing on the pounds.  She's gaining like half a pound/week, little porker!
Maternity clothes? yes. The only non-maternity things I wear are yoga/sweat pants and unzipped sweatshirts and jackets.  Even my shoes are starting to feel tight!  I took off my engagement ring about a week ago and now just wear the wedding band.  My engagement ring was getting too tight by the end of the day.
Stretch marks? None so far.  I guess either genetics or the lotion I'm rubbing into my belly every night is working thankfully
Sleep? not great.  I wake up a lot and sometimes have difficulty getting back to sleep with the little one tossing and turning in my belly
Movement? yes. yes, yes, yes.
Food cravings? cider, hot chocolate, starbucks.  I guess I'm on a beverage kick these days.
Gender? girl.
Belly button in or out? debatable.  I think it's becoming an outtie but Tim still thinks it's flat.  I guess he has a better view of it than I do of it, so I'll trust him.
What I miss:  lack of backaches and the ability to get comfortable on the couch, having energy to play with Barrett, high heels, having a lap!
What I'm looking forward to: meeting this little girl
Milestones: being in the last month and in the final countdown.  Oh and picking a name finally!!

Well someone must have forgotten to tell baby girl that she is supposed to be slowing down her movements in the last month of the pregnancy, since there's no room anymore.  She's apparently decided to make her own room instead and is doing her best to try to expand my belly outward to accommodate her need for space.  Ouch!  She is so lively, it's making me nervous!  Barrett was relatively gentle with me and has turned out to be a somewhat feisty boy, so what does an extremely lively inside baby translate to??  I'm scared!
Me - looking nearly as exhausted as I feel!

I was told by someone at work the other day that she could see I was near the end in my face.  Being pregnant is funny how you get so many comments on your appearance.  One day I will be told how huge I am and the next, I'm told how tiny I am.  I take it all with a grain of salt.  I will say that I agree with the comment about my face.  I feel like my face looks fuller and my lips are looking a lot fuller.  Actually, I felt like my lips were a little puffier this entire pregnancy, but especially now at the end.

Things are going okay, just getting harder.  I'm exhausted by the end of a workday, with aching feet and back.  I am okay for then most part while I'm at work, but it's as though the minute I walk through the door, it all catches up to me.  I feel guilty because I can't interact with Barrett as much as I'd like to because my body just won't let me.  Bouncing on an exercise ball helps.  I know I should be going for walks too, but I'm just too tired! 

I'm starting to check out at work.  I have too many other things on my mind.  I have been fully immersed in work stress for the last few months, so I think it's caught up with me and my level of interest is quickly plummeting!  At least I only have 9 days left, which is crazy to me.

And we finally picked a name!  I was starting to get seriously panicked about this.  I'm hanging my head in shame at what terrible parents we are this time around.  Poor #2.  But she does have a name so she won't have to leave the hospital nameless.

It is so hard to believe how close we are to the end.  I am getting excited but also getting very nervous!


  1. Hi! Am loving your posts...so glad that I can keep up with what's going on with you, even when we haven't talked in ages! Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Lang and see how Barrett's grown since the last time I saw him!

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  3. Hi Megan,I must say that I agree with you,for you do look exhausted in that pic,but you also look SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!