Saturday, July 23, 2011

Barrett - 19 months (Our Little Contradiction)

See, wouldn't you know that I write a post about how exhausting it is to parent a 19 month old and how naughty he can be and then he turns around and is the sweetest little thing in the world immediately after? The next day I visited him at lunch and all he wanted to do was hug his momma. There, in the daycare classroom, with all the other kids running around, he sat on my lap, facing me, and wouldn't let me go. It was hug after hug, kiss after kiss, pronouncing "momma, momma" repeatedly. He filled my soul with love in those 10 minutes. How can I love one little person so much?

He is a walking contradiction. He is a little tornado of energy and fire and craziness and yet a sweet little cuddling lovebug. He is stubborn and demanding but gives the best kisses, cuddles, hugs and sweet words. He is screechy and whiny and then tells you thank you over and over and makes your heart melt just by saying your name. He runs away from you at stores and tries to get into as much mischief as he can find before you catch him and then he squeezes his chubby little arms around your neck and clings to you and nuzzles his little face into your shoulder with the fear you'll set him down and leave.

This is 19 months.

Oh, my little Barrett has so much personality and fire these days. He is playful and silly and oh so much adventure.

He has a plethora of new words and phrases, including:
I stuck
I get down
please (hooray, the child has manners at last!)
thank you
sentences - "byebye Momma" "thank you Momma"

We are always kept on our toes by this little guy. He loves his parents, his doggy, playing games, splashing water, crackers, cookies, milk, going for walks, climbing into his chair and reading books. He is still in the Momma-phase, which I adore, but does make daycare drop-offs very tough. He loves playing games with Payton - he'll grab a dog toy and run away with it, looking behind him with laughter to make sure the dog is chasing him. He loves hiding and being found, especially in his closet. He keeps me on my toes, both with his stubbornness and mischief and his silliness! Oh what a crazy time it is with a 19 month old!

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