Friday, July 15, 2011


This little girl is much, much more active than I remember her big brother being at this stage.

She rumbles and tumbles and play around in my belly as I sit at the computer at work, talk on the telephone on my drives home, and lay in bed, waiting for sleep.

Every poke is stronger than I expect and makes me jump and sometimes exclaim "oh!" with surprise.

For now, we have our own secret language that no one else knows about. I'm the only one feeling this, the only one that really has felt it so far. She plays the same game her brother did, where she's all over the place for me, but becomes shy and quiet when I call her daddy to come share in the action.

I don't know if I'm just more aware this time around of the movements or if she's giving me a little hint of her personality. But the way she's dancing and tumbling in there makes me very anxious to get to know her. I have a distinct feeling that this little girl will be no wallflower, will not be a shadow to anyone.

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