Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just an average kid!

I had to laugh when I got my weekly email from Baby Center regarding my toddler's progress! I must have signed up for these emails when I was first pregnant and they would send weekly emails telling me what was going on with the pregnancy each week. I keep getting them but I rarely read them anymore - if I want to know what's going on with my toddler, I can just look at him to see - but I did happen to open this week's email:

"When you're out and about, your toddler's favorite pastime may be running away from you as fast as she can, squealing in delight as you rush to catch up. She's oblivious to danger, so you'll need to be extra watchful of cars, bicycles and dogs if you take her for a walk outdoors. Keeping her strapped into a stroller is safest, of course, but that's not always where she wants to be. You'll probably have to compromise how much time she spends on her own power and build in extra time when running errands."

um, YES, I'd say that's our toddler to a T these days! What have I just been saying? Haha.

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