Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend review - Saturday

Oh, what a busy weekend we had! We finally made some progress on starting to get things ready for baby #2.

We started out Saturday by hunting for a dresser and nightstand for Barrett's room, so that we can move his current furniture into the guest room. I love to shop, but furniture shopping is just not my favorite. I always struggle because I know what I want and it's just so hard to find what I have in mind. My style is pretty classic, I like dark woods and traditional shapes. Is that so hard to find? You wouldn't think so, but it is. We had gone to several stores but hadn't seen anything that we liked in our price range. We were passing the Macy's furniture outlet, where I've never seen anything before, and made a quick decision that I'd just run in and take a quick look around and Tim and Barrett could wait in the car. Well we made a good call because it just so happened that there was a clearance going on because the location is moving in a few weeks. Right away, I saw a dresser I loved.

Unfortunately there was no matching nightstand so we went on to check out a few other stores. We didn't find anything else and I continued to think about the first dresser so we ended up going back later on in the afternoon to buy it. And it was marked down another $140 in just those few hours! We got a great deal on a beautiful dresser. Here is a similar one by the same manufacturer:
The only difference that I can tell is the legs are different and I like the ones on ours better. So great deal! Hopefully I can find a coordinating nightstand that will work with it.

I also spotted a gorgeous chair at the same store and convinced Tim how great it would look in our bedroom. We don't have a place to sit in the bedroom besides the bed and I've been wanting a chair to tuck into the corner for a while. So this was a great find. Yes, we're taking a big risk with a *gasp* ivory chair with two little kids, but the price was right and I loved it, so hopefully we can keep grimy little hands and faces (and paws) off of it.
I also ventured over to Homegoods to see if there was any sort of nightstand that might work to match the dresser. No luck with that, but I did find a great chest-type piece that I thought would be good on our upstairs landing. With losing a bedroom currently housing my off-season closing in the closet and in the dresser, I definitely am in need of some more storage so hopefully this can work to hold some of it. No pictures of it yet because it's still sitting in our living room, facing the wall, sadly. I also got 2 lamps for the nursery that we just gorgeous. We still need to get a nightstand and twin bed for B's room and of course the bedding for the nursery.
As if we didn't spend enough money on the chair, the dresser and the chest, I also decided we needed to drain our bank account for some baby clothes! I had gotten an email that Once Upon a Child was having their summer sale and most of their summer stuff was a dollar. That's what I'm talking about! So I managed to pick up a ton of things for kiddos. I have to admit that it's so fun to shop in two departments now. I got them both lots of stuff for next summer. I hope I'm guessing right on the sizes. It won't be such a good deal if I got the sizes wrong, but B's been pretty consistent as far as sizing and I'm assuming little girl will be similar. I got Barrett around 5 or 6 pairs of shorts, the same amount of polo shirts for next summer, and a bathing suit. He also got a little Fisher Price lawnmower too. I bought little girl probably around 20 (!) outfits for the next summers. I know it really is a big gamble to buy ahead so far, but I guess the most lost will be what, $20?, so I'll be okay. Plus, at least with a girl, you can throw a sweater or tights under a dress and make it work a little easier off-season too.

So that wraps up our Saturday! Whew! We were on the go pretty much all day, finally settled in for the day around 9pm with delivered pizza and the television. Exhausting but productive at least!

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